ACElectric heat pumps move existing heat from one place to another.  During the summer, a heat pump extracts heat from inside the house and pumps it outside, leaving the air cooler.  In winter, by reversing the flow of refrigerant and its utilization, the heat pump absorbs heat from outside of the house and pumps it inside.  This transfer of heat allows a higher overall efficiency rating.  If you currently heat with electricity, the installation of a heat pump can trim electrical use by as much as thirty to forty percent.  High-efficiency heat pumps also offer superior dehumidification over standard central air conditioners, resulting in less energy usage and improved comfort.

For efficient heating and cooling, invest in a new heat pump!

Enjoy year round temperature control in one convenient and reliable system.  Electric heat pumps offer the best of both worlds, and keep you comfortable more efficiently than conventional HVAC systems.  Air Professionals provides quick, accurate, and rewarding installation of the leading manufacturers.  Browse through a wide selection sizes, styles, and features to meet your expectations for price, performance, and luxury.  Customized zone control, energy tracking, remote operation, and adaptable-speed are a few of the exciting features that take comfort to a higher level.

A heat pump enables the most flexibility of choices in the location of the unit.  Because heat pumps do not necessitate a flue to vent exhaust gases, you aren’t restricted to locations where you already have holes for vents.  You’ll also avoid the drastic temperature fluctuations associated with other systems.  Heat pumps provide a much more uniform heating.  These systems can very quickly raise and lower the temperature of a room, and allow you to switch from heating to cooling in an instant.  Your heat pump will even conserve energy while you are out of the house, and make sure you come home to ideal temperatures.

Because they do not burn fuel to generate heat, there is none of the safety concerns associated with traditional heating options.  The elimination of flames, fumes, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, ensures clean, safe heating.  The reduction of fossil fuels being used also makes these systems a more environmentally responsible choice.

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Don’t forget the maintenance of your heat pump.  The difference between the efficiency of a properly-serviced heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%.
Contaminated filters, coils, and fans obstruct airflow through the system.  Restricted airflow decreases system performance and can result in damage to the compressor.  With a comprehensive service plan from Air Professionals, the work and worry is left to us.  Our team of trained professionals will make sure your system gets the attention it needs, protecting air quality, efficiency, and reliable operation.  And if you ever experience any difficulties with your heat pump, count on Air Professionals for fast, accurate, and lasting repairs 24/7. Call us today at (904) 214-9800!